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"Sunny Terra 2007" AD is a joint-stock company, owner of plant for the pellets production in Southwestern Bulgaria.

In 2012, the company launched a project to build a modern technological line for production of pellets in their plant near Blagoevgrad, the main road E-79 (Sofia - Kulata).

On the grounds of the experience of the pioneers in the industry, "Sunny Terra 2007" AD purchased the most innovative technology for the pellets production from waste and freshly harvested wood pulp. The process is fully automatic and ensures the highest quality pellets of "Sunny Tera".

The production process in "Sunny Terra 2007" AD is carried out under the continuous control of highly qualified specialists trained in Italy.

The wood sources used for the pellets, produced in "Sunny Terra" are located near the base. The pellets, which we offer are manufactured from 100% softwood (pine), which contributes to the higher energy efficiency of our product, and significantly lower ash content compared to that of the pellets made from other  kinds of wood.

The production capacity of "Sunny Terra 2007" AD is over 10,000 tons annually.


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