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LikovciLtd. is the successor ofSunny Terra 2007” AD, and the owner ofSunny Terra 2007” trademark, as well as of the factory under the same name for the production of wood pellets in Southwest Bulgaria.  

Production activities inSunny Terra 2007” factory started in year 2012 with the purchase and installation of an Italian technological line producing pellets with a capacity of 2 tons per hour.

The process of production of “Sunny Terra 2007” wood pellets is carried out under the continuous control of highly qualified specialists trained in Italy

The pellets we offer for sale are produced of 100% local pine wood (Pinus sylvestris), which is distinguished for its exceptional properties like solidity and high calorific value. That contributes to the higher energy efficiency of our product. And what distinguishes us from other producers is the fact that we perform wood drying using fresh air thus bringing to significant lower content of residual ash when burning the “Sunny Terra 2007” pellets.

“Sunny Terra 2007” Factory has a strategic location due to its closeness to two borders – with Greece and with the Republic of North Macedonia, on the E-79 highway (Sofia – Kulata), in the area of the town of Simitli, region of Blagoevgrad.

Our annual production capacity exceeds 10,000 tons.



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